Show Me Your [Blank]

Show Me Your Blank

A woman in the rooms shared that she was an angry young lass…so much so that when, in college, her roommate confronted her by saying “You’d rather be right than happy!” she mocked her friend for being ridiculously obvious. It was only much later, in recovery, that she realized how foolish the statement was.

This got me thinking. When i was drinking, i would have rather been drunk than happy. That realization put me on my ass. How insane is that!? i’d truly believed i was drinking to make myself happy when the exact opposite was true!

Now let’s go a step further. We take the sentence and replace the word “right” with a blank.

I’d rather be ________________ than happy.

Whatever words work in that blank (sad, angry, eating, alone…) represent the biggest threats to your sobriety.

For those in AA:

This magic formula can also be used to help you target specific areas in Step 1 where your life has become “unmanageable”.


About Al K Hall

Like a battered drinker or a punch drunk boxer, i am here for another round. For those of you who don’t know me, i’m a semi-professional writer on the rocks and a non-practicing alcoholic (if after 30 years of practicing, you still can't do something well, it's best to just give it up). For those of you who do know me, thanks for stopping by anyway and where’s the ten bucks you owe me? Welcome to my Bar None. A hole in the wall where we can hang out and trade the kind of stories you swap only when you’ve had one too many and either can’t find your way home or are afraid to. Hell, it’s cheaper than therapy and plus the pictures are prettier. Here we’ll crack open bottles and jokes and ‘last call’ are the only dirty words you’ll never hear. Pull up a stool and make yourselves at home.

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  1. Excellent post! Exactly what I needed to ‘hear’ right now.

  2. I think Woody Allen summed up what it means to be happy:

    “The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don’t have.”

    and whenever you’re miserable, be thankful:

    “I feel that life is divided into the horrible and the miserable. That’s the two categories. The horrible are like, I don’t know, terminal cases, you know, and blind people, crippled. I don’t know how they get through life. It’s amazing to me. And the miserable is everyone else. So you should be thankful that you’re miserable, because that’s very lucky, to be miserable.”

    • My favorite of his will always be,

      Sex is like bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.

      Keep coming back, brother,

      Al K Hall

  3. jumpingpolarbear

    So many things I could put in that blank space :).

  4. Such a simple exercise to help identify what’s eating away at me…thanks!

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