Getting Away With It All


Day 2 1/2 of my vacation and so far things are going really well. i ‘m staying with college friend of mine for a couple of days before i head up to my folks’ place in the outskirts of middle of nowhere wilderness.

Remember that one time how i said coincidence is the language of God? Well, my buddy lives in a small town, population 3,854 souls, and on the only full day i was in town, they had an AA meeting. In a church three blocks down on the street he lives on. It took me 5 minutes to walk there.

i got the message.


About Al K Hall

Like a battered drinker or a punch drunk boxer, i am here for another round. For those of you who don’t know me, i’m a semi-professional writer on the rocks and a non-practicing alcoholic (if after 30 years of practicing, you still can't do something well, it's best to just give it up). For those of you who do know me, thanks for stopping by anyway and where’s the ten bucks you owe me? Welcome to my Bar None. A hole in the wall where we can hang out and trade the kind of stories you swap only when you’ve had one too many and either can’t find your way home or are afraid to. Hell, it’s cheaper than therapy and plus the pictures are prettier. Here we’ll crack open bottles and jokes and ‘last call’ are the only dirty words you’ll never hear. Pull up a stool and make yourselves at home.

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  1. jumpingpolarbear

    Just shows you it’s with you where ever you go :). Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Love this post. I’m not sure why…but I do.


  3. I’m so glad that coincidence was by your side. 🙂 I rely quite a lot on coincidence to guide me through. I hope it was a good meeting.
    Love you,

  4. Oh.poor Elmo….wait til he wakes up….:(…on.a more serious note, God.does work in mysterious ways. Glad you made it stateside safely.

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