As If

Used 2013-04-06 Drinking Game AlKHall Anonymous sobriety recovery

“Act as if” is one of the first and truest things i learned in recovery.

If you’re sad, act like you’re happy.

If you’re angry, act like you’re calm.

If you’re afraid, act as though you’re brave.

The miracle of this is that, after acting happy, calm and brave long enough, you’ll become happy, calm, and brave.

Of course it’s not that simple… Except it is.


About Al K Hall

Like a battered drinker or a punch drunk boxer, i am here for another round. For those of you who don’t know me, i’m a semi-professional writer on the rocks and a non-practicing alcoholic (if after 30 years of practicing, you still can't do something well, it's best to just give it up). For those of you who do know me, thanks for stopping by anyway and where’s the ten bucks you owe me? Welcome to my Bar None. A hole in the wall where we can hang out and trade the kind of stories you swap only when you’ve had one too many and either can’t find your way home or are afraid to. Hell, it’s cheaper than therapy and plus the pictures are prettier. Here we’ll crack open bottles and jokes and ‘last call’ are the only dirty words you’ll never hear. Pull up a stool and make yourselves at home.

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  1. Miss Anne Thrope

    My dad once told me that he’d read an interview with Sir Anthony Hopkins where he talked about this. He has struggled with depression for years, and evidently at one point his wife decided he needed a kick in the pants on the subject and told him that she was tired of him moping around. He was supposed to be one of the best actors on the planet, the least that he could do was act as if he was happy and see where that got him, because acting out his depression wasn’t helping anyone. He said he was surprised by how much that turned his depression around. Fake it ’til you make it.

  2. I wish I could hit the like button another dozen times… so simple, yet so profound. And it was the kick in the pants I needed this Saturday evening… thank you for being of service!

    • Hi Miracle!

      Thanks for the compliment! It means a lot. i’m just happy you were able to find something worthwhile here, and i appreciate your sharing.

      Keep coming back,

      Al K Hall

  3. Yeah – awesome stuff. I was never good at the fake it until I make it mentality, but I have tried what you posted, and yeah….it works.

    Amazing stuff, eh?

    Thank you for posting.


    P.S I laughed my butt off when I watched that part of Modern Family…hilarious

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