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Coincidence is God’s Secret Language

God, the Irony

The first AA meeting i ever chaired went well but…

one of the responsibilities of the secretary is to choose the speaker for the meeting. The first guy i asked claimed he’d spoken the day before, but the second guy i asked was really gung-ho about the chance. Maybe too much…

Remember how i was all about how to get in touch with your Higher Power even if you’re an agnostic, and how people in Yeaman are less into the Christian God than many AA groups in the States, and especially how the best way for me to avoid panic attacks and stay sober is to give things up to my Higher Power? Well, my God has one hell of a sense of humor.

The speaker i chose turned out to be a pastor. Coincidence after all my recent posts? Coincidence is the secret language God uses to talk to you. In his share, my guy confessed to being a preacher and started talking about how God saved him from alcoholism, blissfully unaware of the scepticism Yeamen feel about this kind of proselytizing. i was in shock.

Until i understood that this was a pop quiz. Sure, i was good at talking about giving things up, but could i really do it? Could i practice what i preached? Could i give God the stress i felt over choosing a speaker who chose to speak about God? Seems like God is not without a certain sense of irony.

i sat back and relaxed as the preacher rambled on. After he was through, many people shared that they appreciated his point of view, while others expressed their own religious views (one of our regulars is a staunch Buddhist), but i didn’t take it personally.

It wasn’t my problem—it was God’s. Literally, this time.


Secretary Cherry

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Horseplay Censored

My First Time

i forgot to tell you!

About 10 days ago, i lost my Secretary cherry!

Tuesday night is my coffee service night and the guy who runs the meetings likes me because i always show up early to set up the room and the coffee service, plus i buy a wide selection of nice cookies and never ask for reimbursement (i consider it my contribution to the group). Anyway, he trusts me enough that, about a month ago, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to chair the next meeting so he asked me to do it.

My own personal philosophy is that whenever anyone asks me to do anything in AA, i say “Yes!” because the program did better than just save my life, it gave me a life worth saving.

That’s how i got to chair my first meeting. At the beginning, before i read through the intro, i announced it was my first time and begged no one to freak out.

No one did, but

To Be Continued