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Those Are The Days

Used 2012-09-25 Priorities Sober Recovery Alcoholism

Today i

  1. Woke up to change the towels sopping up the plumbing leak in the bathroom, hallway and kitchen
  2. Was carrying my spill-proof coffee cup, two breakfast bars, my satchel and my backpack when i opened the front door to discover it was raining
  3. Had to drop/unload everything to get my umbrella out of my back pack
  4. It stopped raining 5 minutes later
  5. i realized my pants were falling down because i forgot my belt
  6. In the subway i was sweating so profusely because of the humidity that people started building an ark as i toweled myself off with a bandanna
  7. i knocked over my coffee and learned my spill-proof mug isn’t
  8. i mopped up the spill with my sweat rag and commenced sweating harder
  9. i got off the subway in a downpour that stopped the instant i struggled to open my umbrella
  10. i arrived at work to discover my watch had stopped.

Despite all this, i didn’t drink from the bottle of wine on the table at lunch. So yeah, when all is said and done, it was a damn good day.