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No Telling

Used 2013-04-28 Don't tell me what to do (AlKHall Anonymous sobriety recovery)

Don’t tell me what to do!

My parents never told me to stop drinking. This doesn’t mean they weren’t worried about it.

During out annual fishing trips, in the middle of the lake on the boat at the crack of dawn, my father never failed to bring up the subject at least once. He’d ask me where i was with my drinking, i’d do him the courtesy of lieing and then he’d list all the alcoholics in our family and remind me it is a genetic disease. And then we’d get back to fishing.

i’m glad they didn’t tell me to stop because i wouldn’t have.

True story, i wouldn’t have quit for anyone, no matter how much i loved them and the proof is that i didn’t.

i needed to learn for myself that i needed to learn. And because that decision was homemade, i cared about it more.

What about you? Did your family and /or friends pressure you to quit? Tell us in the comments!


Your Roots Are Showing

Used 2013-01-02 Your Roots Are Showing AlKHall Anonymous alcoholism recovery sobriety

Your Roots Are Showing

It’s easier to see what we’re leaving behind than where we’re headed, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t on the right track.

-Al K Hall

i left this comment on Drunky Drunk Girl‘s blog and thought it bore repeating here!