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Put Down the Shovel

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Put Down the Shovel

i hit several bottoms in my drinking life. i’m not going to unpack that bag again–those of you who are interested can read how i earned my seat by reading my Blasts from the Pabst. What’s messed up, though, is that every time i reached a new depth, every time i hurt someone i loved or woke up with a hangover only suicide could cure or couldn’t remember who i had to apologize to or was afraid to recall the details of my blackout…each freaking time there was a sense of relief that came with the pain.

i was relieved because i felt i’d truly hit bottom. i had arrived. Things couldn’t get any worse.

And they didn’t.

Until the next time i drank.

Because alcoholism is a bottomless pit.

At a recent meeting, someone shared:

You hit bottom when you put down the shovel.

There are several varieties of that expression,

You hit bottom when you stop digging.

The bottom is where you stop digging.

But they all mean the same thing. The only way you can know you hit your true bottom is to climb out of the hole and walk away and never look back.


i should have gotten drunk last night

Used 2013-11-02 i should've got drunk last night (AlKHall sobreity recovery meme)

Emotional Hangover Cure

Used 2012-11-22 Hangover recovery alcoholism sobriety

You know that moment when you laugh because you think the person is making a joke but then you can tell from their expression they were dead serious? That’s exactly what happened to me the first time i heard someone use the expression, “Emotional Hangover”.

After that initial social foot in mental mouth, i dutifully kept my “Next you’ll be telling me about the Le Mans birth of your inner child” asides to myself.

Until i got sober. Then i recognized the shaky weakness in my stomach, the fatigue, sadness and headache after an emotional enema for what it was: a hangover. i’ve probably been having them forever, only they were hiding behind the alcohol hangovers.

Fortunately, the cure seems to be the same…early to bed and lots of sleep.

Hanging (over) in there sobriety recovery alcoholism

Hanging [over] In There