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A Dog’s Life

Used 2012-12-03 Beer Hound sobriety alcoholism recovery

Beer Hound

i’m a cat person, so it makes sense i have a cat’s life. i’m not very demonstrative, can be aloof, like to be on my own and am not a big fan of going outside. But i need to have a dog’s life.

Sunday was a super sunny in Yeaman, but i didn’t need to go outside so i didn’t. That night, as i lay myself down with my weekly Sunday blues, i understood that, like a dog, i need to go outside at least once a day.

In my drinking days i was able to live inside an alcohol bubble, cut off from the universe. Isolating, however, is dangerous for me because, when i withdraw from the world, i forget i’m part of it. When i’m not a part of humanity but apart from it, i lose touch with reality and, like a shipwreck survivor lost at sea with nothing on the horizon, i lose all sense of perspective.

i need to walk myself, like a dog, to keep myself grounded.

Sorry in advance if i pee on your shoes or hump your leg.

Used 2012-12-03 A Dog's Life sobriety alcoholism recovery