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No One Would No

i Don’t Get It Enough

Part 1: No One Would, No

Alcoholics like to spew the truth but recovering alcoholics have found it. Ex-addicts know more about life than any guru Buddhist philosopher genius i’ve ever met.

That said, there are a couple cliches i hear regularly i don’t agree with, probably because i haven’t been in the program long enough to get yet. If any of you guys can shed some light to help me along my way, i’d sure appreciate it.

Thing #1: No One Would Know
ex. “I came across a bar while traversing Antarctica on a bobsled and I could’ve had a drink and no one would’ve known. But I didn’t do it.”

Meaning: I resisted temptation.

What i Don’t Get Enough: As an alcoholic, i’m constantly confronted by the temptation to drink. From mini champagne bottles at a press brunch, to free after-dinner liqueurs in economy class, to an open bar at a strangers’ wedding, to walking by a convenience store with refrigerated beer on a sweaty summer’s day there are millions of opportunities every day for me to drink in secret.

i’m not being sober for anyone but me. If i take a drink, the most important person in my sobriety would know, because he’s the one who just lost it.


Just a reminder that i’m on vacation in a place that has very limited internet access and so i won’t be able to respond to comments with my usual ruthless efficiency. Please don’t think i’m not reading them (i most definitely am), and please continue to leave them (they make my day).

Life is Live

Jake La Botz by Celeste E Hall

Jake La Botz by Celeste E Hall

i went to a blues concert last night by Jake La Botz, a man who partied his demons to death and came out the other side with a sacred clarity that is so scarred it’s poetic.

While the show was superb, the thing i didn’t like about it were the drunks. The gig was in a cafe here in Yeaman and most of the patrons were either too young to know the blues or too drunk to feel them.

Then, in a moment of clarity, i realized that this is Live Music. It also explains why i prefer to sit at home and listen to studio recordings through my headphones; still, in a live concert the noise and the talking and the mistakes are all part of the music. That’s when i understood that Life is “Live”. That even if i want Life to be a pure and flawless studio recording filtered through the bubble of my headphones, Real Life is full of noise and mistakes and surprises. And all of it is part of the music.

Here’s Jake La Botz singing an apt song for this blog, “Lay Down The Bottle”.

Also, i interviewed him for the Bar None, so be looking for that soon.

PS Thanks are owed my wife, Celeste E Hall, for her permission to use her great photo!