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Used 2014-03-03 Not So Clear (AlKHall sobriety recovery)

Or Not-so-Clear History

Overheard in the an AA meeting tonight:

When I was drinking, I had a lot of adventures only I wasn’t there to enjoy them.

What cracked me up was that no one in the room batted an eye. That phrase made perfect sense to everyone there.

Now, try saying that exact same sentence to someone who is not an alcoholic. Walk up to a friend / coworker and tell them, “I had quite an adventure last night but I wasn’t there to enjoy it.” I bet their reaction will be a little more surprised.

One of the many things I love about us drunks—and one of the reasons the program works so well for me—is how we automatically ‘get’ each other because we’re all turning the same page.


A tough act to Follow

Used 2014-01-24 Don't worry I got this (AlKHall Sobriety Recovery)

To address the truly amazing comments i received in my previous post and especially the fact that i have over 200 followers on this blog, i wanted to be up front about some things.

i’m the red headed stepchild of recovery blogs. i started another blog years ago where i reveled in my alcoholism and, even though i came out as sober there, i continue to post articles of questionable taste, with bad language and photos that are NSFW. It’s a blog i wouldn’t let my mother read, in other words (though i won’t let her read this one either!).

i have no idea how i received 200 followers on this blog. As i state on my “About” page, i don’t have the answers but i know the people who do. i’m just a guy in recovery who is grateful for every sober day and am so happy to be sober that i have to tell people about it. All i can say to those of you who follow AlKHall Anonymous is that, even if there are more serious sobriety blogs out there, i am deadly serious about my sobriety. Because ‘deadly’ is the other option.

i guess what i’m saying is, that even though i’m not a leader, i still thank you for not judging this book by his cover story.

Matthew Ryan – Follow the Leader


Welcome to the club

Used 2013-10-13 Clubbed (AlKHall Anonymous recovery sobriety)


As a kid, i always felt like i never fit in. While i was often at the center in my circle of friends, i never felt like a part of them, like i was included in them.

Alcohol was the key. Booze was the key that opened the doors to a sense of belonging. Drinking came as a package that included a circle of friends and the courage necessary to talk to them.

As we say in recovery, that worked until it didn’t.

My drinking buddies were my closest friends and, as luck would have it, many of the  people i work with are heavy drinkers so i soon felt i was a part of that inner circle i’d always been looking for.

Unfortunately, when i got sober, i found myself once again on the outside.

Oh, they’ll never tell me i’m not welcome and at the beginning of my sobriety i was invited to a few events and i declined to go because i didn’t feel like being surrounded by alcohol and my friends will tell you how proud they are of me and how much better off i seem. Now, however, i only hear about parties the day after and conversation means nothing more than exchanging pleasantries in the corridor.

But you know what? i found a different group of friends. People i can count on, people who accept me for who (and what!) i am and who know exactly what i’m going through because they’re going through the same things.

i’ve found the kind of kinship i’ve been looking for my entire life here on line with y’all and in the rooms of AA. Thank god i’m an alcoholic, else i might never have found this.


Not Alone

Used 2013-05-28 (AlKHall Anonymous Sonbriety Recovery)Used 2013-05-28 (AlKHall Anonymous Sobriety Recovery)

We will love you until you can love yourself.

–Alcoholics Anonymous expression


i have a couple of choice words for you

Used 2013-05-26 Words are funny things (AlKHAll Anonymous sobriety recovery)

Words Are Funny Things

Today in the newcomer’s meeting, the woman sharing–sober since 1975–said that her brand of alcoholism was “public & violent”. She repeated this a couple times in her lead, “public & violent”.

Then after, a guy sharing picked up on this and said that while he’d been listening to her, he asked himself what his Two Words were to describe his drinking years. “Dark & Lonely” came to him right away.

When he said this, i wondered what the words i would use to qualify my drinking. i immediately thought of, “Chaotic & Desperate”. Which was also a good way to describe my life at the time. But that was then, and now the chaos and desperation have evaporated…

So now i’m gonna ask you, what are your two words? What two words would you use to describe your drinking? Have they lost a little of their punch for you?


Thank you all for your participation in this post (and to those of you who have yet to answer)! Looking over the words we’ve listed, i see a lot of common themes and feelings, and if your drinking was anything like mine, these weren’t just words used to qualify our drinking at the time, but our lives as well.

That sobriety has lifted these burdens from us is one huge addition to our gratitude lists, and something to keep in mind and heart the next time we’re tempted to take a drink.


Weakness for Destruction

Used 2013-05-14 I'm Hooked (AlKHall Anonymous sobriety recovery)

I’m Hooked

Last Friday i got lucky. (No, the other kind of lucky.)

i went to a meeting i don’t usually go to, that starts at 10:30 pm and finishes at 11:30. When i got there, there was only one other person.

We had a small meeting, just the two of us, and in that meeting she said we alcoholics have a “weakness for devastation”.

i loved that expression because i understood it on a deep level the instant i heard it. i was the kind of alcoholic who drank because i had a crush on destruction and drinking was the fastest way to get into destruction’s panties and screw it up.

We got on this subject because i realized something in our tiny meeting.

Here in Yeaman–because of some fluke alignment of religious and war holidays–i had a 5-day weekend last weekend and, even better, my ex had the kids. i had 5 days left to my own devices and there was a time a few years ago that my own devices would’ve been bottles of wine and cocktail inventing, fast food binges, internet porn, no sleeping no showering no leaving the apartment…i would’ve viced out.

Sharing with this young lady, i realized that i’d been to an art show, two movies, discovered a cultural walk here in Yeaman, written some good stuff, started riding bicylces, wrote fiction on café terraces with a founatin pen, cleaned, ran several errands i’d been putting off, woke up at 6:30 on a day i didn’t work to go to an 8am AA meeting and then hit a 10:30pm meeting that same evening, just because.

i didn’t tell her that then and i’m not saying it now to get pats on the back or collect brownie points…it’s just sometimes i forget how far i’ve come in 2 years.

i got lucky that i decided to go to a meeting just for the hell of it, because talking with another alcoholic in recovery helped me see that my life, while far from perfect, keeps getting better all the time.


Best Event of the Day

Used 2013-02-23 Support Network (AlKHall Anonymous recovery sobriety) BAMF dad

Support Network

When i was 18 i started a journal, but the problem was i went into so much detail that i was writing more than i lived. So i decided that to save time i would only write down three sentences at the end of the day: 1) My best event of that day, 2) my worst event of that day, 3) something that i learned that day. i’ve been doing this for over thirty years, and do it with my children as well, stopping only momentarily with my son after he reached his 18th birthday until he asked me to continue a few weeks after.

i went to an AA meeting yesterday and saw my sponsor there. After the meeting we were in the hallway talking about some Step 8 & 9 stuff and when we were through he asked me for a hug. He told me that sponsorship was a two-way street and that working with me helped his sobriety because he saw how much i’m getting out of mine. He said that i inspired him.

It’s like the above picture…who is helping whom?

Guess what i wrote down as my best event of the day last night…

HoPe On

Used 2013-02-04 Screwed Over  (Al K Hall Anonymous recovery alcoholism sobriety)

Screwed Over

i know a guy more sober than his 5 years. During a more emotional than usual share, he described the relief he felt upon desperately entering the program, saying through his tears, “The difference between a sliver of hope and no hope is huge.”

That you have chosen to visit this blog shows you have not given up. Your reading this proves you still have hope, and this is huge.

Now, continue to do the next right thing.

i’ve never been to a bad meeting, but…

Used 2013-01-30 3 Stooges (AlKHall Anonymous alcohol recovery sobriety)

[Thanks to ITSB for the picture!]

i’ve never been to a bad meeting. i have never been to a meeting where i left thinking, “Wow, that was a royal waste of my time.”

i’ve never been to a bad meeting, but last night was pretty damn close.

Last night (not an AA meeting–it was for anther 12-step fellowship) we spent the larger part of our hour reading the procedures and the bylaws and the 12 & 12 (AA’s 12 Steps and 12 Traditions) and then we took turns reading aloud from a dense book. It was late and i was tired from a full work day and most of the readers were foreigners who had a less than perfect grasp of English and one guy is a recovered stutterer who took long pauses while he tried to reign in his tongue and my mind was wandering and i was beginning to wonder if i wouldn’t have been better off at home.

But i wouldn’t have been. Partly not because it was useful for me to sit with others who share my sickness, and to be reminded that i am sick and that i to need to stay humble. Also, in the space of an hour, i can relax from every kind of temptation.

But mostly i would not have been better off at home because my presence helped others. The chair was an inexperienced woman, so i spoke up when she hesitated and supported her decisions. Having 2 years of sobriety gave me confidence so that, when i shared, my voice was stronger and steadier than many of the newcomers who were there, staring at their fidgety hands. i helped simply by showing up.

At the end of the meeting, as i was walking out of the door, the young man who stuttered asked if we could exchange numbers.

Sometimes the help i receive at meetings is the help i give others.

Raising the Bar

Used 2013-01-09 Group Therapy Al K Hall Anonymous alcohol

What kind of messed up freaky blogger friend am i? The kind that will set up a meeting with me in a bar! It’s a long story but not really.

While on Christmas breaks back in the States i went to a bar for the first time since i can’t remember when.

Not that i’m afraid of bars– i’m more sure of my sobriety than i am of many things in my life–but the thought of spending 4 hours trapped in a room full of people acting like i did when i was drunk is the opposite of appealing. Still, this time i was hanging with my oldest and best friends, one of whom is my sobriety hero (having been on the wagon for well over 20 years), and it was a sports bar so i could watch pro football on the big screen if i got bored and plus of the 7 of us there, only 2 were drinking beer.

i had a great time. i wasn’t even tempted to drink and i was still able to joke around with my buds like i used to in my drinking days. While i have a hard time being sober around acquaintances, i learned i can have a blast around people who know the real me.

To top it off, i met a reader! L / Working On It / 1jaded1 happened to be driving past the city i was in on her way to her home city, so we emailed each other and she googled her way to the bar. i felt bad asking a reader working to stay sober to meet me in a bar, but it was a calm afternoon and she and i only had the briefest of exchanges before she had to hit the road again. Still, it was so nice to put a face to the name and to meet someone who has been such a big supporter here.

All in all, i’m kicking 2013 off right!

Used 2013-01-09 Drunk Bar Rag Al K Hall Anonymous alcohol sobriety recovery

Drunk Bar Rag

What do you think?

What’s your position on those of us in recovery going to bars/lounges? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and join the discussion!